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People want a quick fix. They want to pop a pill, push a button, snap their fingers, blink and *poof* have what they want. Whether it’s success or weight loss or a heavier weight lifted. 

And while I wish life worked that way, it unfortunately does not. 

It takes work. All of it does. Whatever you want in life, it takes work. 

I know, I know… big surprise, right? 

But it really got me thinking this past week about nutrition and health and how it’s all related. But people don’t want to do the work. Or worse, don’t know any better… or WANT to know any better.

It is no secret that healthier eating leads to a healthier life. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself or never have the “good but bad for you” stuff. It’s all about moderation. 

The problem is when you eat the “good but bad for you” stuff day in and day out. The high sugar, high carbs, bread, bread, and more bread, and the things that don’t necessarily agree with you and your body. It catches up to you. With weight gain, health problems and disease, inflammation, headaches. 

And instead of addressing the root problem, people just want the quick fix. They want to take medicine to make them “better.” 

News flash: most of these meds only treat the symptoms, NOT the root problem! 

So you actually never heal. And you’re on a continuous cycle of medication, which often has more side effects than the initial issue to begin with. 

It’s sad really. The number of people who would rather take medicine than to try to address the root problem, many of which could be resolved with a change in nutrition. 

Many years ago, I was having a lot of issues that I didn’t know the cause and I wanted answers. I worked with a doctor who tested me for many things, some of which I don’t even remember. But the one that stands out is that she told me I would have full blown hypothyroidism if I didn’t eat the way I did. Aka, my nutrition helped me to NOT have hypothyroidism. 

Type 2 diabetes is another one that can be controlled with nutrition. But again, people don’t want to or are unwilling to change. They want their cake and to eat it too… no pun intended. But seriously. Why would you choose to give yourself insulin injections over controlling what you eat? 

It blows my mind. 

Yes, I know there are exceptions. And yes, to each their own. But me personally, I would rather eat better and not be reliant on medication. 

Just as the picture suggests, Healthy Self, Heal Thy Self. 

If you don’t have the knowledge about nutrition, do the research and/or find someone to help you. It took me 5 years on my own to figure out the nutrition that works best for me. But that’s because I did it on my own. 

It certainly doesn’t have to take you that long! Get help with it. You don’t have to go it alone! We have nutrition and health coaching at CFC. We’re here to help! 

Have a beautiful week! 


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