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Nick and I are heading into week 5 of our Financial Peace University class. We knew we would get a lot out of leading the class and helping other people, but I don’t think we anticipated just how much it would further light the fire under our butts.

Dare I say we’re getting more out of it now than when we were going through the class! We’ve done more brain storming, working on our budget, and dreaming than we have in a long time. And we’re even more focused now than ever before.

There really is something about having accountability when you set goals and make plans and dreams. It makes it real when you tell someone what your plans are; it also means it’s now out in the universe and you’re actually going to work on it. And you have people who will follow up with you to ensure you’re working on it.

This is true in every aspect of your life, from business ventures to financial goals to relationships to working in the gym on your fitness goals.

It’s something I’ve found in my life, time and time again. When I find myself stuck and not moving forward, talking about my goals and having someone hold me accountable helps me make forward progress. It’s almost like it forces me to do the work because I have someone checking up on me.

I wish this weren’t the case, but we aren’t always the greatest at holding ourselves accountable. Let’s be real…we can talk ourselves out of doing just about anything. And we can put off doing things again and again. It’ll be there tomorrow, after all, right?

I’ve recently started working with a mentor and all the things I’ve been putting off are miraculously getting done. It’s weird how that happens. Someone checking up on me to ensure I’m getting what I said I’d do, done? Boom. Nothing more powerful than that to make forward progress!

Where are you needing accountability? Is it something you’re looking to achieve in the gym? Is it a financial goal? Is it a business goal? We’d love to help you out. We can help hold you accountable to make sure you’re achieving your goals.

Have a beautiful week.


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