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Change is scary. The unknown is scary. But what’s even scarier is being in the same place, year after year, with no growth. 

But the reality is… change is inevitable. 

Whether you initiate it or otherwise, change is going to happen. It may be good change. Or it may be bad change. Or it may be indifferent change. But it will happen. 

So you may as well be the one to make it happen. 

What changes do you want to happen in your life? What changes have you been putting off? What changes have you been too scared to make? 

I know I’ve been guilty of putting off making necessary changes in my life. Ones that should have been made months prior but I was too scared to pull the trigger. 

But the thing is… when I finally made the changes, several things happened. I felt so much better and lighter. And things started falling into place. Things that I know would have never happened had I stayed where I was. 

I get it though. Change often requires a leap of faith. And that’s exactly what it is sometimes… a leap. And yes, it may not always work out the way you want it to. But the alternative is always wondering what if. 

What if I left my job? What if pursued my passion, whatever that is? What if I said yes? What if I said no? 

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live my life wondering what if. 

We’ve made lots of changes in our lives over the past couple years. Huge, life altering changes. And all of them required HUGE leaps of faith. 

Some have been major flops and thus, major learning experiences. While others have, so far, been major successes and growth opportunities. 

And we’re constantly growing and changing and seizing new opportunities. And I’m excited to see where all of it takes us. 

I’m learning to embrace the fear of change. It’s exciting, even when it’s scary. Because the outcome can be so much more than we originally ever thought it would be. 

So here’s to an ever changing life. An ever exciting life. 

I hope you embrace changes in your life. They aren’t all necessarily bad, I promise. 

Have a beautiful week!


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