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I hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day. I had a relaxing, dare I say lazy day (as much as I can with an 8 month old). 

This was my first as a biological, full time stay at home (sort of) mother. I’ve been an aunt, a godmother, a bonus mom, and a mother to six angel babies over the years. I was pregnant the last two Mother’s Days. So to have my sweet angel baby here this year has truly been a blessing. 

And while I knew motherhood wouldn’t be easy, I truly didn’t understand it until I was in the midst of it. Every day, I wonder how I’m going to do things. And yet, every day, I somehow manage to get it all done. Or at least the things I need to get done. 

It’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. But also one of the most rewarding things. Watching this tiny baby grow into his own person with a huge personality, learning new things daily. Growing and changing and exploring all of the things. 

I’ve also learned and grown daily, as well. I have never been the most patient person, but becoming a mother to a tiny human of my own has taught me more patience than I ever thought possible. 

I’ve also learned I can hold my bladder longer than I thought, I can sleep in the oddest positions, and I will survive if I don’t eat right as soon as I’m hungry. Weird how that changes when you have a baby. Ha. 

It’s also been amazing to watch Malachi as a big brother. He’s so protective of Gabriel, wants to help do everything, including changing his diapers, and wants to play games with him all the time. He doesn’t quite get that Gabriel can’t yet play with him the way he wants to. But it will be so fun to watch them play together as Gabriel gets older. 

I’m excited to continue watching Gabriel learn and grow and watching Malachi lead and guide him. I know the challenges will continue coming, but that’s the joy of motherhood, right? 

The challenges and the rewards… they’re all worth it. 

Have an amazing week. And spoil the amazing moms in your life every day, not just on the day earmarked for mothers. 


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