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Memorial Day weekend brings up a lot of memories for me. Good, bad, sad, life changing. 

I know what this weekend entails. I know why we have a federal holiday. And it humbles me every year. 

The sacrifices so many have made so we are able to have this weekend. To be able to make the choices we make. To be able to do Murph in a gym, stateside, without the worry of being shot at or blown up. 

I believe, since starting CrossFit, that I’ve done Murph every year, with the exception of one year after having surgery. A surgery that followed having a miscarriage. 

I’ve done Murph as a brand new CrossFitter. I’ve done Murph as a veteran athlete. I’ve done Murph through a miscarriage. I’ve done Murph pregnant. I’ve done Murph 8 months post-partum. 

Shoot, I’ve done Murph a few days prior to my life getting flipped upside down. 

And this year, I’ll do Murph alongside my husband, not pregnant, not immediately following surgery or birth, not trying to prove anything. Just remembering and honoring all our fallen heroes. Giving thanks for being able to. 

And this time, just like every time, knowing why I was doing it, the sacrifice Lt. Murphy and so many others made, will be at the forefront of my mind. I’ve done Murph in tears because of it. Because of life circumstances. Because of their sacrifices. 

Every year, it’s a humbling experience. 

I hope you remember why we have this federal holiday. I hope you remember why we have a long weekend. 

Remember and honor. 

Enjoy your Memorial Day. 

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