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We’re all in a rush to get to the next step in our journey. The next weight lifted. The next movement conquered in the gym. The next promotion at work. The next anniversary in our relationship. The next milestone with our babies.

But how often do you stop and appreciate exactly where you are and all you’ve accomplished to get there? How often do you stop and enjoy the view?

We live in such a future-focused world, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But at what point do you stop and smell the roses? At what point do you stop focusing so much on the “next” and start focusing on the “now?”

I know I’m guilty of this. I look ahead to what’s next and don’t always acknowledge all I’ve already accomplished and stop to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. This is a good reminder for me.

I was thinking about this last week with power snatches of all things. When I first started back to working out after having my son, I remember thinking how heavy the barbell felt. One of my first workouts back had power snatches in it and I used a 35 pound barbell that felt like it weighed 135 pounds. However, on Friday, I did a workout with 95 pound power snatches that I was able to do and complete with relative quickness.

It made me think about how far I’ve come since having a baby. It feels like just yesterday when I started back and like I haven’t progressed at all. But when looking at all that has happened in the last year, at the progress I’ve made in the gym and with my body, I realize I had been looking to and holding on to the “next.” And I needed to be happy with the “now.” I AM happy with the now!

Life is a journey, y’all. There will always be some “next” to look forward to. And we can get stuck in the thrill of the next. What happens with this, however, is that you end up not being happy with where you are. Ever.

So remember to enjoy the journey you’re on. To enjoy the process. Focus on the “next,” but remember to stop and enjoy the view too. Be happy where you are while continuing to strive to achieve your goals.

Have a beautiful week. And remember to enjoy the journey and to stop every now and again to enjoy the view. 


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