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I was recently chatting about work/life balance with a group of colleagues and it made me think about how many people use the excuse of not having time to get into the gym. Or to eat healthy. Or to make healthy changes in their life, in general.

But the reality of it is if you don’t MAKE the time to exercise, eat healthy, or make the healthy changes, everything else is going to suffer.

So let’s say that you don’t have the time. That all you do is work, eat, sleep, repeat. But where in there is time for you? Time for fun? Or even time for relaxation? At some point, you’re going to burn yourself out. You’re going to find that putting your health on the back burner has come back to haunt you.

There has to be some balance in there between work and the rest of your life. Yes, unfortunately, work takes up a lot of your every day life. But that shouldn’t be your WHOLE life.

If your goal, for instance, is to make it to the gym at least three times a week, that is only three hours of your week! Three hours to carve out time for YOU. You will feel better, sleep better, look better, just overall BE better. Your health will thank you. Your family will thank you. Shoot, even your work will thank you.

Think of finding the time for your workouts as a meeting with yourself. Schedule those meetings in your calendar or day planner and make them a priority. If they’re already scheduled in, you can’t schedule anything else in those time slots! Yes, it can really be that simple!

But you have to make the choice to find this balance. You have to make the choice to schedule the workouts. You have to make the choice to eat healthy. You have to make the choice to make healthy changes in your life.

It all boils down to the choices you make. Do you want to find that good work/life balance? Do you want to make the changes so work isn’t the ONLY thing you feel like you’re doing?

What choices are you going to make as we head into 2022? Are you going to find the time for you? Are you going to schedule your workouts in your calendar? Are you going to make YOU a priority?

Let us know how we can help you make those changes. We’re here to help you make YOU a priority!

Happy 2022!


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