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We love nothing more than seeing our clients achieve great things. And we’re always improving what we do. From investing in new equipment to running new classes, we are committed to creating the best fitness experiences for you.

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Ready to meet a team that has your health, goals and happiness in their sights? We’re focused on helping you to make those big positive changes that will transform your life in so many ways.
Co-Owner | Coach

Nick Decker

Nick was born and raised in Chesapeake. He played baseball growing up and did a lot of extreme sports like BMX and skateboarding. He has always lived an active lifestyle, but never had a particular fitness practice before CrossFit. Once he found CrossFit, he never looked back. His favorite movements are the Snatch and Overhead Squat, and his favorite workout is Diane. He loves longer workouts that require self-awareness and good-pacing. He also loves anything upside down like handstand push ups or handstand walks.

Qualifications: CF-L1, NASM CPT

Co-Owner | Coach

Whitney Decker

Whitney has been passionate about fitness her whole life and can remember doing step aerobics Saturday mornings as a child. She ran track and played softball throughout school, and dabbled in various other fitness routines in her adult life. After tearing her ACL and meniscus, training wasn’t the same and thankfully, fate led her to CrossFit. She started CrossFit in February 2014 and fell even more in love with fitness and training. She loves training other people and helping them achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Her favorite movement is the Overhead Squat, and her favorite workout is Annie. Her proudest benchmark moment was finally being able to string together bar muscle-ups!

Qualifications: CF-L2, NASM CPT, Certified Health Coach

Head Coach

Steve Gulakowski

Steve, aka, Gulag, is retired Navy and played college football and baseball. He has been doing CrossFit since 2011. He’s placed in several local competitions and advanced to the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifiers in 2015 and 2016. His favorite movement is Thrusters, and his favorite workouts are Karen and Nancy. His proudest benchmark moment was taking on Filthy Fifty at 50! You can catch him in class saying “No rep!” on any given day!

Qualifications: CF-L2, CF Mobility


Andrea Gulakowski

Andrea played lacrosse in high school, is a PE instructor at TCC, has been a Group Fitness Instructor since 2007, and has been doing CrossFit since 2011. She has participated in several local CrossFit competitions and has been coaching for several years. Her favorite movement is anything hanging from the bar, and her favorite workout is any type of chipper. Her proudest benchmark moment was getting her first ring muscle-up!

Qualifications: CF-L2, CrossFit Weightlifting, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA CPT


Jeff Jefferies

Jeff was a high school wrestler, has participated in Judo, is a recovering “Globo Gym” addict, and has been doing CrossFit since 2013. His favorite movement is anything overhead, and his favorite workout is anything under 5 minutes! His proudest benchmark moment was the first time he assisted an athlete in hitting a PR.

Qualifications: CF-L2, USAW L1


Scott Taber

Scott is CFC’s Endurance coach and has competed in several ultra marathons, Triathlons, and an Iron Man. If you’re looking for any type of endurance training, Scott is your man! He also dabbles in CrossFit from time to time. His favorite movements are the Assault Bike and sleds, and his favorite workout is Hildago. His proudest benchmark moment is grinding through the longer efforts and not giving in to that little voice that wants to quit.

Qualifications: CF-L1, Aerobic Capacity, USPA, RRCA L1

Coach & Sports Conditioning Coordinator

Jessica Evancho

Jess has participated in several local CrossFit competitions, as well as Wodapalooza! She grew up playing softball and volleyball and began CrossFit in April 2014. Her favorite movement is the Snatch, and her favorite workout is Nancy. Her proudest benchmark moment was hitting a 190# clean.

Qualifications: CF-L1


Clayton Evancho

Clayton has participated in several CrossFit competitions and has placed in the top 3 of several of them! He played basketball and ran track and field in high school, as well as played high school and college football. He has been doing CrossFit since 2015. His favorite movement is bar muscle ups, and his favorite workout is King Kong. His proudest benchmark moments were taking 1st Place at Superfit Richmond 2016, and taking 2nd place at RuFit 2016.

Qualifications: CF-L1


Laura Thomas

Laura has always been athletic and played middle school soccer, ran high school indoor and outdoor track, ran cross country, played fast pitch softball, and did company/classical dance for 15 years. She has been doing CrossFit since 2015. She also just recently graduated from the Fire Academy and is proudly serving Chesapeake as a fire fighter! Her favorite movements are muscle-ups and handstand walks, and her favorite workouts are anything with gymnastics and running. Her proudest benchmark moments were stringing together ring muscle-ups and snatching over 100#.

Qualifications: CF-L1


Kenny Wright

Kenny grew up a multi-sport athlete all throughout high school. He got into MMA training after high school which eventually led him to CrossFit in 2010. Through CrossFit, Kenny developed a love for the Olympic Lifts. His coaching goal is to help his athletes create better movement patterns while staying safe and injury free. In his free time, you can find him hiking somewhere in the mountains or riding his Harley.

Qualifications: CF-L2, USA Weightlifting Level 1, USAW Level 1 Seminar Staff, USAW National Referee


Samantha Ryan

Sam started at the YMCA as a lifeguard, was on the swim team, and her dad taught her how to lift. She has been a paramedic for 21 years and started CrossFit in 2013 to prepare her for the fire department and SWAT. She is a true believer in movement is medicine and a whole body approach to fitness. She meets individuals where they are and helps them progress with pain free movement to reach their goals. Her favorite benchmark workout is McGhee, and her favorite PR is getting her first strict pull-up.

Qualifications: CF-L2, CrossFit Programming, Conjugate Methods, Precision Nutrition L1, Girls Gone Strong Pre-Post Natal Coach, Active Life Movement Assessment Seminar.


Christine McQueen

Christine, aka Girl Chris, is a Navy veteran, mom, and animal control officer. She is obsessed with Pit Bulls and Frenchies and tries to get everyone in the gym to adopt one (or some type of dog!). She has been doing CrossFit for 8 years. Her favorite movement is double unders, and her favorite workout is Annie. Her proudest benchmark moment is completing Murph one year, not only wearing a vest, but pushing a stroller, as well!

Qualifications: CF-L1, CrossFit Kids

We’re on a Mission

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re on a mission to help people of all ages, all fitness levels and from all walks of life to discover that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore or a struggle. It’s all about making it fun, making it effective and making every moment count.

Our Promise to You

We promise that we will never treat you as a number or leave you behind. Whether this is your first time training, you are recovering from injury or you want to get to peak competition fitness, we’ll be with you every step and rep of the way.

World Class Training Facility

CrossFit Chesapeake is a locally owned CrossFit gym conveniently located in the Grassfield section of Chesapeake, VA. We have a 4500 square foot gym with amazing trainers that have the expertise and passion this sport requires. Our team is focused on providing you a fitness experience in a positive, motivational, and family friendly environment.

  • Tailored Fitness Programs
  • Professional Coaching Every Session
  • Community & Accountability
  • A Whole Life Approach
  • A Yoga Studio
  • An In-House Massage Therapist
  • Kids Room so Parents can Work out
  • Rx Pro Shop

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