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Results-Focused Programs For Everybody

We’ve devised programs to suit every fitness level, every age and every goal. All you need to do is jump in.


In it’s true definition, CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” But, in it’s practical, everyday life application definition, it’s hands-on fitness at its finest.

Good CrossFit is where the coaches are experts in fitness and care about you and your fitness journey, and they invest themselves in helping you reach your goals. CrossFit is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But, fair warning, once you try it, you may never want to go to the “other gyms” again!

CrossFit Kids

Our Crossfit Kids program is a year round program to give your kids the best in FUN, agility, strength and mental and physical conditioning!

Our classes are Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 3:30pm.


Endurance is a platform for foundational and advanced athletes alike, to reach cardiovascular fitness capable of improving not only what you do in the gym, but your everyday life. Evolved Endurance is a dynamic program designed to target cardiovascular and muscular endurance. More specifically, this program focuses on speed and agility, power, and total body conditioning. Classes may include running, rowing, bike, odd objects, interval training, body weight exercises, and focused strength training. Coach Scott’s program is unique to the area and his athletes are proof that his program not only benefits beginners but more advanced endurance athletes as well.

Sports Team Conditioning

CrossFit Chesapeake’s Sports Conditioning Program is an excellent and rare opportunity to access a quality strength and conditioning program for young athletes in the Hampton Roads area. With this program, athletes are given the tools to build a solid foundation of strength and conditioning through fundamental movements and intelligent program design. Our coaches will use knowledge of the sport along with their skills in Crossfit to create a program that will build strength, endurance, and skill. Each 8 or 12 week session meets twice a week, for one hour each class.

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Personal Training

Working 1-on-1 with a coach is the quickest way to get the results you want. When you sign up for Personal Training with us, you’re signing up for a unique program specifically for your current fitness level. Our Coaches will track your progress over the course of your sessions.

Nutrition Coaching

It is often said that your fitness level is 20% your activity and 80% the things you put in your mouth. And we don’t disagree. To help you really understand the power of nutrition in your quest to get healthier, we offer 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching Services.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Our client’s success is our success. Here are some of the achievements we’ve celebrated with our community.
Stephanie Fisher

This is an excellent gym community to be a part of. The coaches are keen to the individual needs of the members, and they are truly interested in the growth of each person that walks through the door.

Autumn Knight

I started CrossFit a year ago. When I walked into CFC I was welcomed with open arms! Everyone was so nice. Each coach has something special about them that I love. Everyday I’m pushed to do my best in the class. I met some awesome fitness friends. It’s not just a gym, but it’s family!

Madeline Morefield

My first and hopefully only Crossfit gym because they would be hard to top. It’s more than a gym it’s so comfortable everyone is like friends and family. So many things I said “I’ll never be able to do that...” about and I can now do them thanks to the coaches and classmates. ❤️ CFC Forever.

Brandon Searcey

Had a great time at the 2018 Fit Kids Classic. Really good experience and a we'll run event. The programming for the events was appropriate and really tested all the young athletes. My son is already looking forward to next year's competition.

Margaret Durham

Crossfit Chesapeake is great! Everyone is very nice and supportive. The WODS are fantastic. The instructors make sure everyone is comfortable with all the movements. Really enjoy the fun atmosphere!!

Clayton Nicholas

The most welcoming gym I've been to! The owners are amazing. The coaching staff is very knowledgable, multiple coaches have there L2 certs. This gym doesn't just have members who attend they have a family that supports and motivates everyone who walks thru the doors.

Bill Hark

CrossFit Chesapeake is a wonderful place. I am new to CrossFit. The workout is, hands down, the hardest I've ever done. But the excellent coaching and wonderful members here make me excited to come back every time!

Getting Fitter and Stronger is Never a Bad Decision

The decision to make lasting positive change lies with you, and our classes, programs and coaches will make it one of the best you’ve ever made. Book your FREE Intro today.