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So last week Whitney talked about nutrition and the importance of experimenting with yourself. Well I’m here to talk about my experience with our experiment. I’m going to talk some numbers but hopefully I can bring it back around to make some sense. 

I’ve eaten carnivore, “Mostly meat” for around 6 years and have been low carb “keto” for like 8. Typically, I’d eat about 225g protein and 300g fat, which is roughly 3600-3800 calories a day. I’ve now switched up my nutrition completely for this experiment. 

We are currently 7 days in. I’ve eaten around 2800 calories a day, consisting of 200g protein, 250g carbs and 90g fat. I’m fasting til 1pm everyday and finish eating by 9pm. At least half of my carbs for the day is fruit, which I like – it tastes pretty delicious. The rest of my carbs are potatoes or white rice. My protein and fats are from lots of burgers and some pork, while the rest of my fat is coming from the oils I’m cooking my food in. Super clean… 

Probably hard to believe, but I’m not enjoying the process so far. I feel super bloated and haven’t taken a great poop, despite the fiber, in a week. I’m drinking over a gallon of water a day. 

Whitney seems to be enjoying it more. We are eating slightly different. She’s having some oatmeal along with rice and fruit. This just further shows how important it is to find what works for you. We decided we would reevaluate this nutrition at the 30 day mark. 

I’m dedicated to that and will do 30 days clean. I might have 1 cheat meal in that time potentially but that’s it. I’ve “DECIDED” that’s what going to happen. “I have spoken” … any Star Wars fans in here? 

Sometimes you have to work through the sludge to figure out what works. This makes me a better coach. A MORE PROFESSIONAL COACH. That’s the goal, after all. 

After this, I’ll be able to definitively say that every person needs a different coach and every person is different and special in their nutrition. If you aren’t willing to do the work and to try different things, then things will never change! 

May the 4th be with you my friends! Last week and Always.


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