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You said you would start tomorrow. Then you said you’d start on Monday. Then next week. Next month. Next year.

But then you never got started. 

So what’s holding you back? What’s stopping you from starting? 

There doesn’t have to be a special day or time to get started. It doesn’t have to be a Monday. Or the beginning of a week or month or year. You can choose any day you want to get started. 

The problem is we push it off until the “right” time. Until it feels good. Until we have enough time. Or enough money. Or until we are fit. 

Whatever the case may be, we push it off until there isn’t any more time. 

So stop saying tomorrow. Stop saying next week. Stop saying next month. Stop saying next year. 

Start today. Start now.

But most of us won’t start until we hit rock bottom. Until we hit the “I’m sick and tired of being [fill in the blank]” phase. Tired of being broke. Tired of being sick and tired. Tired of being unhealthy. Tired of your clothes not fitting. 

Most of us won’t start until it’s absolutely necessary to make changes in order to survive. Until our health or wealth depends on it. Until our finances are so out of control that we have to make some sort of change. Until we are so miserable that we have no other choice. 

But I don’t want that to be the case for you, especially when it comes to your health. Let’s chat about how we can help you get started today. Start now for a healthier 2023. 

It doesn’t have to be big changes to get big results. One small change can be a great starting point. I’d love to help you on your journey. 

Have a beautiful week. And think about the one small change you can start with. 


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