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Today starts Bring a Friend week at the gym. This is absolutely one of my favorite weeks! We get to introduce our love of CrossFit to our members’ friends and families, all week long!

This week gives our members a chance to bring their friends and family with them all week for absolutely FREE! It gives people an opportunity to try CrossFit and what better way than to do it with friends and family?

We understand… starting CrossFit can be intimidating. So being able to come in with someone you know helps ease those fears. And it gives people the chance to try CrossFit before deciding anything and to see if our gym is the community they want to be a part of.

I know how it is when you start something new, especially when it’s working out or doing something like CrossFit. Walking into a gym and not knowing anyone can be very overwhelming. And many people won’t take that leap.

So we implemented these weeks so people can come with their friends and family and try it out with a support system. I may have started CrossFit a lot sooner if I was given this opportunity. My first experience walking into a box was insanely overwhelming. But thankfully I fell in love and stuck with it!

We’re excited for this week. We’re excited to meet new people. And we’re excited to introduce CrossFit to new people.

Come in and try it out. I promise, it isn’t that scary! No worries if you’re thinking you don’t know anyone at CFC, because you know me! I’ll be your friend 🙂

Have a great week, y’all. And we’ll see you this week!


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