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In October 2020, my husband Nick and I took ownership of CrossFit Chesapeake (CFC). We’d been talking about owning our own CrossFit gym for awhile, but we figured it would be years in the making before it actually happened. We had outfitted our home garage gym and were seeing personal training clients there and figured that’s where our gym would start.

Through a series of crazy events, we were offered the opportunity to become the owners of CFC. It took many months, lots of negotiations (there always are, right?), and lots of prayers and support, but we finally finalized the paperwork and as of October 1st, it was official.

We knew we wanted to celebrate our dream with the gym and members, our CFC family, so we planned a grand re-opening celebration for Halloween. We wanted to enjoy the holiday and dress up (who doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween?), plus have a fun partner workout for any and everyone to come out and enjoy.

The day ended up being a blast. It FLEW by! It seemed like we got there that morning and before we knew it, it was over! We enjoyed the workout, the food, the vendors, our members and their families, everyone who was there and their support. It was so much fun!

We had a couple photographers there to memorialize the day. Check out one of their links to see how great the day was!

It’s been a wild ride since then. An amazing journey with a huge learning curve, but one we are thankful for every day. We feel truly blessed to have this opportunity and more that we have the support of our community, as well.

CFC has been a huge blessing for us and we’re hoping to make it a blessing for so many others too!

Have a beautiful day! And come check out CFC and what we have to offer.


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