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Our first Bring a Friend week of 2023 has arrived! A full week where everyone and anyone can come check out the gym and try out a workout (or two or three!) for absolutely free! 

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year – I love that people can come try it out with no pressure and are able to workout with their friends and family. Because let’s be real – shared commiserating is way better than solo commiserating. 

There’s something about working out with a group of people who have become amazing friends and even better, your gym family. Who you can rib, talk smack to, and fist bump at the end of a workout. 

And even if you don’t know anyone, come check us out anyways. Put me or Nick down as your friend. We want you to get a good workout, check out our community and gym, and become one of our friends and gym family! And in the process, become the healthiest you! 

We know coming to a CrossFit gym for the first time can be intimidating. But know that all our classes are coach led, everyone is so welcoming because we’ve all been beginners once, and nobody is judging you for wanting to better yourself. Come have fun and get a good workout in. 

Our goal for you is to move well, have fun, and want to come back the next day. That’s what our coaches aim for. We won’t let you do too much, too soon without moving well and feeling comfortable. 

And if you’re still feeling intimidated, message me and you can come in to one of our smaller classes where you won’t feel like everyone is watching you. Because yes, I get that feeling. 

But let me tell you again – people aren’t watching you. They’re more worried about their own workouts and movement. And if they are watching you, they’re cheering you on! 

It’s one of the many things I love about CrossFit! It’s so supportive and everyone roots everyone else on. We want everyone to win! 

So come in, any day, any class, all week long! Try out a class, meet the coaches and some members. See what you think. Because you never know… you may just fall in love with it. 

I did… and I never looked back. 

Have a beautiful week! I hope to see you in our classes this week! 


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