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Do you remember where you were 22 years ago? I do. I was in an 8th grade English classroom at Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach. My teacher rolled an old TV into the classroom. Yes, I’m that old. That’s how we watched things back then. Before smart phones, laptops were barely a thing and definitely didn’t have on the go internet. Shoot, you had to dial in to internet. And if anyone got on the phone, it would kick the computer off. HAHA that’s how we did it… yes I know, “I walked uphill both ways in the snow and barefoot” said in my grandfather’s voice… anyways….

That day changed my life, as it did for just about anyone who was actually around back then. My uncle worked at the Pentagon often. I was so distraught that he might be in there when the planes hit. I got out of class and had to go to the principal’s office to call my grandmother so she could get in touch with my uncle. Nobody had cells back then. It took hours for me to hear back. Finally after I was already off school and had made it home, my grandmother called me back. My uncle was ok, which was not the case for so many other people. 

For the rest of the day and many days after that, we watched on TV as the towers collapsed and they started the clean up. The world never felt more unified than I remember it being that day and the following weeks and months after. American flags were everywhere. In front of every house. On lots of cars, bridges, tunnels, cranes etc. 

Today, work out because those that died that day can’t. We remember what that felt like. If you werent around back then, you should talk to someone who was around and get their perspective. Have a moment of silence today. Remember. And do something special to you. Something that brings you joy. We are still around and GET to enjoy life. 

Love you guys! Hope you have a great day. 


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