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What did you want to be when you were growing up? Are you currently doing that job? If not, why? 

I wanted to be a criminal investigator. From 6th grade on, that was my plan. I had goals, I worked towards them through high school and college, and I was hired as one 6 months after graduation. 

I put myself on a fast track. I graduated high school early, started community college immediately, and then graduated from college early. I wanted to be in the “real world” like you wouldn’t believe. 

And then…. Well, then I was in the “real world.” I was an adult with an adult job and adult problems. It was dumb. 

If I could go back, I would tell myself not to rush. That the real world will still be there. Enjoy the college experience. No need to rush into it. 

But alas, I didn’t and I can’t go back. And the best part is I’m not even a criminal investigator anymore. Oops. 

My journey as an investigator was fun at first. I did a lot of training and learning and it was exciting. But when that all settled down, I was bored. White collar crime isn’t sexy. And what I was investigating wasn’t fancy or fun (to me). 

So I switched organizations, hoping that a change of departments and scenery would help. And once again, during the initial training and learning, it was exciting. I had fun. It was something different. 

But after it all settled down, I once again, became bored. I didn’t like what I was doing. I didn’t like going to work. In fact, I found anything else to do besides going to work. 

Once again… Oops. 

So I changed duty stations, from Alexandria to Norfolk. I hoped that another change of scenery would help. And it did, initially. But then it all became boring again. I literally despised going to work. I took a lot of leave. 

And yes, I know it’s work. And nobody really, truly enjoys going to work. But I was so unhappy. It was depressing. 

So after almost 12 years of working as an investigator for the federal government, I quit. I walked away. No retirement, no pension, nothing. I used all my leave so I didn’t lose it. I transferred my TSP to my own IRA. And I said sayonara! 

I went out on my own, working as a health coach and with essential oils, both things I still do. But it very quickly evolved to CrossFit coaching and working with Rodan+Fields premium skincare. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

My journey has been interesting, and I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought I would own a CrossFit gym. But I now ENJOY going to work. 

Yes, it’s work, and yes, there are hard times, but I don’t despise going to work any longer. 

It truly makes a difference. When you find your passion and you do what you love. It may have taken me several years to figure it out, but I’m happy I finally did. 

So what about you? Are you doing what you love? Or are you trudging along, day after day, unhappy but making it work? I hope you are doing what you love, and if you aren’t, that you’re currently working on making it happen. 

Have a phenomenal week. And Happy Halloween! 


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