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It’s that time of year! And no – I’m not just talking about the hot, humid, sweat my butt off time of the year. It’s Member Appreciation Week! 

When Nick and I started talking about owning our gym (and it ended up happening way faster than we thought), we knew we always wanted to give back. It wasn’t just about us, but it was about our coaches and our members and being and doing the best we could for them. 

A couple years ago, we decided to create an entire week where we show our members our appreciation. We try to do all of these things throughout the year, but we love being able to take an entire week and give back to our members. 

Every day you attend a class, there will be a special gift to show our appreciation. We try to be thoughtful and practical and give things we know you’ll use. It’s a small token and thank you for being amazing members of our community and gym family. 

We wouldn’t be CFC without our coaches and members. So THANK YOU for being a part of our gym, a part of our community, a part of our lives. 

We love y’all! Have a beautiful week! 


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