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I am constantly in a rush. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, I am rushing from one thing to the next. 

I rush around the house trying to get things done. I rush from errand to errand. I rush trying to get things done when I have an hour to spare at the gym. I even rush when I’m in the shower… normally because it’s already late and I’m just ready to crawl into bed. 

I rush the kids to get ready. To move it. To eat faster. To go go go. 

I’m just always in a rush. All the time. 

Recently, though, I saw something that made me pause. That made me want to slow down. It said that our kids are slower because they’re still learning and taking everything in. Everything is new and wonderful and awe inspiring to them. 

And it made me think. What am I missing by rushing from one thing to the next? What wonderful things am I missing? 

This weekend, I had Gabriel with me going to the bank. And yes, I was in a rush to get inside, take care of my transactions and move on to the next thing. But he wanted to play in the rocks outside. He kept picking up rocks and putting them back and I found myself getting impatient. 

But as I watched him, oblivious to what was going on around him, I paused and realized he was experiencing all of this for the first time. They had some pretty big rocks outside of the bank that he thought were really cool. And when he was done, when he had found the perfect rock to pick up, he came with me inside of the bank. 

It was not even a minute that I had to wait for him. Could I have rushed him inside before getting his rock? Sure. Would he have been unhappy and most likely screaming and crying? Yes. Was it worth it to let him explore the rocks and pick out the one he wanted? Yes. Because it’s still at our house (also tho… what is it with boys and rocks? lol.). 

I need to continue to remind myself of this. I need to remember to look up and experience this world we’re living in, just like he does. Just like Malachi does. I need to remember that not everything needs to be rushed. And really, maybe I should leave myself more time to get everyone ready and out of the house. 

As we head into this week, the first of April, I pray you remember to slow down. To enjoy and experience this life we’re living. This one wonderful life we’re living. I pray I remember! 

Slow down. Smell the flowers. Enjoy your coffee. Take deep breaths. Not everything has to be rushed, even when the world around you is trying to force you to. 

Have a beautiful week. 


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