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Put your own mask on first. 

This has been something on repeat for me lately. For you see, I am a people pleaser. I don’t like saying no or disappointing people. I feel things very deeply and am more empathetic than I probably should be. 

So when something negative happens, even if it’s not directly to me or directed at me, I feel it to my core. And while I try not to let it, it affects me and brings me down. It drains me. I have to actively fight to counteract these feelings. 

So yes, I have to continually tell myself to put my own mask on first. Or in other words, take care of myself first. Nobody, including myself, can pour from an empty cup. 

And lately, I’ve been an empty cup. 

I am burning both ends of my candle and I am tired. And a lot of things have hit me pretty negatively lately. 

So I know, now more than ever, I have to take a step back and put myself first. When I keep pushing and don’t stop is when I get sick. And then I’m truly down for the count. 

If you find yourself in the same boat, know that it’s okay to put yourself first. To take a step back and breathe. And it may not seem like it at the time, but the world won’t fall apart. All the things you put to the side will still be there tomorrow. 

Trust me, I know it’s hard to do. Everything is constantly pulling you one way or another. And you feel as if there isn’t enough time in the day to get things done, let alone to do something for yourself. 

But when you put yourself last over and over again, you will burn out and be no good to anyone else. So find a few minutes each day to take some time for yourself. Wake up a few minutes early to enjoy your coffee. Or take a few minutes during lunch or nap time to read something for pleasure. 

I’m going to try to put these into play for myself too. Because I know I need it and more importantly, I deserve it. I deserve to take care of myself. And so do you. 

I hope you have a beautiful week and find some much deserved “me time” sometime in your day. 


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