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Too many people are quick to give up on their dreams and goals when their initial plan doesn’t work out. They often work so hard and so long on one plan that they quickly throw in the towel if it doesn’t succeed. 

Sometimes they aren’t open to other plans or ideas. They only see one way of doing it and when it doesn’t happen, they think there’s no hope in trying anything else. 

The problem is… reaching and achieving your goals isn’t always as easy as going from Point A to Point B. It typically involves several other letters along the alphabet way before ultimately ending up where you want to be. 

I can definitely attest to this as I’ve had several dreams and goals that I’ve had various paths and detours to achieve them. I wish they could all be so simple as to achieve them in one shot. But alas… nope. 

Having a baby. Getting a one rep max snatch. Getting a bar muscle up. Owning a gym. Finding the man I wanted to spend my life with. Running a successful business. 

Boy, have I had a lot of dreams that took me all around the way to get to where I wanted to be. And when it doesn’t work out immediately or the way you pictured it, I know it can be discouraging. And frustrating. And it can cause a lot of impatient feelings. 

I had to be okay with changing my plans, otherwise I never would have achieved my goals. I mean, the alternative is to change or give up your goals. But if you’ve set those goals, they’re your dreams and desires, why would want to give up on them? 

And now that I’m living several of my dreams, I can’t imagine it any other way. Had I given up on my dreams or not changed my plans, I wouldn’t have my son. I wouldn’t own an amazing gym. I wouldn’t have my husband. I wouldn’t continue pushing forward to keep achieving my goals. 

It’s not always easy. I 100% understand that. But achieving and living your dreams is 100% worth it. 

So change your plans, as many times as you need to. But don’t give up on your goals. 

Have a beautiful week, y’all. 

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