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A few months ago, Whitney, Nick, and I started out on a nutrition journey to test some different nutritional methods in order to meet personal goals and establish a valuable nutrition program for members. Our most important lesson learned has been that nutrition is individualistic and what works for one may not work for another. Our second most valuable lesson has been that consistency combined with patience is important, even when it doesn’t seem to be working.

We started off with a carb energy system and increased our carbs. I gained weight, had horrid hormonal acne outbreaks, increased menstrual cycle symptoms, increased GI discomfort, my performance suffered, and overall I felt blah. Knowing this energy system was not ideal for MY body, I swapped to a fat energy system.

Initially, I had a boost in energy, my performance began to improve, my hormonal acne cleared, I had decreased menstrual cycle and GI symptoms, and I saw a small 2-3 lb change on the scale. It stalled but I remained consistent because I felt good. This stall lasted nearly a month as I my body needed to receive consistency and enough fuel in order to produce results.

Other things that I changed included managing stress better, including regular mobility, taking full rest days, changing my vitamins to aide in hormonal balance (I’m 40 y’all and that shit is real). My protein intake is high, my fat intake is high, and I keep my carb intake minimal. I have NOT eliminated anything from my diet!!

On this journey, I’ve had a piece of cake for my niece’s birthday, I have had an occasional alcoholic beverage (maybe twice a week), and I still eat the chips and salsa if we have Mexican. I am careful to plan for these things, that’s the big difference.

Remember, nutrition is 80% of your results. It takes a little tinkering with, but it should be your one focus if you want to make changes. 

We’re here to help when you’re ready to get serious about your nutrition goals. It takes a little guidance, some accountability, and a whole lot of consistency. But you CAN do it!

Have a great week! Now, let’s work on YOUR progress pics!


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