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There are a lot of things that happen during competition. 

Sometimes it’s emotional. Sometimes you meet the love of your life. Sometimes you leave broken and humbled.

This weekend we competed again.. one of our coaches/my friends pushed ourselves and went up a division. Actually competed RX, which means heavier weights and harder movements. Needless to say, my hips are wrecked and my body is sore. But I learned a lot.

First… swimming is way harder competitively than I ever realized. I guess when you grow up in a pool swimming you never realize how much technique goes into it, or how bad you are… but we are always our worst critic. 

Also I get hyped up for our athletes.. so much so that I almost blew my throat out screaming for them to finish their workout! They won 3rd on the podium!  

The cool thing about competition though is that you learn that you can push past what you thought you were capable of. You push harder during a run… you string together more movements than you thought you could…. Specially when tired. You lift heavier for more reps than you’ve ever done before. 

I am super proud of our teams and my team for their performance. I think we left it all out there and got to do some cool events that we wouldn’t normally get to do.

CrossFit is great at General Physical Preparedness. That means I was able to get through most of it pretty well, but not all of it was great! I think Whitney thought she was actually gonna die… I never doubted her.. but we have work to do for sure! 

It teaches you to be an athlete even if you’ve never played a sport in your life. You learn to be confident, capable and physically free. Everyone starts at a different point, but we can all improve and get better from CrossFit. I think we were able to find that extra gear and push harder and faster than we thought we could. You should take the opportunity to get to push yourself. Challenge your mental toughness, push your physical and get passed the limits you put on yourself! 

Love you guys and don’t forget to go be an athlete today! 


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