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I was obsessed with working out as a kid. I ran track. I did step aerobics in our living room on Saturday mornings. I went to jazzercise with my mom. I played softball in high school. 

I don’t know what started it or what compelled me to keep moving, but I was constantly doing some form of working out. 

And as I look back, I don’t know if it’s because I wanted to be skinny or I just liked to move. I don’t have any real memories of wanting to lose weight or be skinny (at least until I was older). I just know I liked sweating and feeling accomplished. 

And that’s never really changed as I got older. The forms and methods of working out have shifted. But I’ve always loved learning new things, pushing myself for more, and feeling the results of it. And of course, as I got older, it became more about the number on the scale being the “right” one, whatever that means. 

I think the biggest shift for me was after my knee surgery to repair my ACL and meniscus. I somehow stumbled into CrossFit, after years of saying I would never do it. And the workouts were no longer about trying to lose weight, but they were to see what I was capable of. To see what I could accomplish. What I could lift. What new movement I could do. 

And something miraculous happened. I stopped using a scale. I no longer cared about the number on it. I stopped worrying if I was “skinny” enough. Instead, I wanted to continue to be fit and healthy and strong. 

My body changed when I started CrossFit. I used to be this skinny little twig who liked to run. But now I have muscles. And I love it. I love feeling strong. I love being able to help my husband with things around the house that I wouldn’t be able to do without being fit. Shoot, I love being able to lift my husband! 

Working out became more than just a chore for weight loss or maintenance. It became fun. It became a challenge. It became something I couldn’t wait to do every day. Although I certainly love my rest days! 

I challenge you to find your fun! To find your challenge. It may not be CrossFit, and that’s okay. But I want you to find something that will get, and keep, you moving! 

Being fit, being healthy, being strong….these are all good things. Things that will translate in every part of your life and help you as you get older. 

If you’re interested in trying CrossFit, come see me. It’s not as scary as it seems, I promise. In its most basic form, it’s just functional fitness. Get strong in the gym so you can be strong outside of the gym! 

Be able to stand up and sit down on your own. Be able to deadlift your groceries up and carry them inside. Be able to walk up and down stairs. Be able to play with and pick up your kids and grandkids! It’s all about longevity and giving yourself the gift of movement throughout your life. 

Don’t wait. Find a reason to step in the door. We’ll give you a reason to want to stay. 

Have a beautiful week. And find your reason to move! 


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