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“CrossFit is too intimidating. I could never do that.”

I would be rich if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say this to me.

But as I sat watching the CrossFit Games over the past 5 days, it reminded me that for many people, this is their first exposure to CrossFit. And those people, those athletes, they are the elite. The best of the best. They are professional athletes. For most of them, it’s their job!

But that’s what people see…these people doing the top movements with ease, abs popping everywhere, and they immediately think there’s no way they could ever do that.

But I’m here to tell you that most CrossFitters aren’t like that. Most CrossFitters aren’t able to do those top movements. For many, they have to modify or scale the workouts as written (or prescribed).

And y’all…we only do one workout a day. The CrossFit Games athletes did 13 WORKOUTS in 5 days! 13 WORKOUTS!

Whew. I’m tired just writing that.

For most of us, though, our workouts are a way to stay in shape for life. To be able to sit down and stand back up again without assistance, to be able to play with our kids, to be able to move. We focus on longevity…on being able to workout and come back again the next day.

We want people to better themselves. To be healthy and happy in their bodies. And what most people don’t realize is that CrossFit is one of the least judgmental places of fitness. People who come in to CrossFit to try it for the first time are welcomed with open arms and applauded for stepping outside of their comfort zones.

And we have to remember that all of us were beginners at one point. All of us stepped outside our comfort zone at some point to walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time.

Shoot, it took me several years of hearing about it before I finally took the plunge. I certainly wish I’d started a whole lot sooner than I did, but I’m glad I finally did. Not just for the workouts and the fitness, but for the friends and family I’ve met and made through it. The community of CrossFit is truly like no other.

So if you relate to this, give it a shot. We offer Foundations courses so you can safely learn essential CrossFit movements before coming into classes. And then, give it 30 days. Show up for one month, no matter what. Yes, the workouts will be hard. But they are scalable and anyone, yes, anyone can do them!

Challenge yourself. Overcome your fears.

You never know…it may just change your life.

Have a beautiful week.  


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