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This time last year, I was very pregnant and yes, still working out. There seems to be a stigma around being pregnant and lifting, especially when something like CrossFit is thrown into it. 

But the truth of the matter is, working out during pregnancy, if you’re able to, is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. Yes, you have to be aware of the different positions you put your body into, the pressure in your pelvic region, and of course, your belly being in the way. But it’s still something you can do.  

For someone like me, who has been doing daily workouts for years, not doing anything while pregnant would’ve driven me crazy. It also just doesn’t make sense. Unless it’s medically indicated, working out is not a bad thing while you’re pregnant.

I can remember thinking how I couldn’t wait to have the baby and not be pregnant anymore so I could go back to lifting heavy and doing the movements that I couldn’t do while pregnant. But what I didn’t take into account is how much my body changed after being pregnant. And here we are a year later, and I’m still adjusting and getting back to “normal,” whatever that is. 

I still have bad days where nothing feels good. I have more good days than not, but there are still things that just don’t feel good to do. Or the movements that I once used to be able to do with no problem now cause some sort of shift or pain. I knew my body would change but I didn’t realize the long-term changes that would happen. Nobody warns you about that.

But boy, do they mean it when they say postpartum is forever. I’m definitely learning that as I move through the first year of it. And I realize it is a lasting thing the more conversations I have with other mothers in our gym. 

My point of this post is to have patience with yourself. With your workouts. With your body. It’s something I had to learn during pregnancy and then apparently relearn after birth. 

Pregnancy is just a season you’re in. It’s not the season to compete or push your body as hard as you can. It’s to move, sweat a little, feel better, but ultimately, stay healthy for you and baby. And if something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it (sad we have to say this, right??). 

Most important though, make sure you have a good coach who understands where you are. Whether that’s pregnancy, postpartum, coming back from an injury, or coming back to the gym in general. Not every day is a “let’s push it and see how hard we can go a day.” Some days are just moving days, where you just want to come in and get a good sweat on. And that’s okay. 

I’m still adjusting to postpartum life. I’m still adjusting to things feeling different. And I’m still adjusting to having a little human who relies on me for everything. All while doing it with little sleep. Lol. 

Just remember, everything in life is a season. And before you know it, the season will change and you’ll be adjusting all over again. Be patient, go with the flow, and enjoy the season you’re in. 

If you’re pregnant, postpartum, returning after an injury, returning after a long hiatus, or just want to start, come check us out. We have knowledgeable coaches who understand where you are and can help you get into it (or back into it). 

Have a beautiful week. And we look forward to helping you through your season. 


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