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I don’t know about you, but I tend to get super overwhelmed when I have a ton of things to do that need to be done RIGHT NOW. Or at least in my head, they have to be done RIGHT NOW.

It often leads to paralysis in that I never actually start any of it. And I know this…I’ll get on a really good roll of writing my To Do list, checking things off one at a time, and then it will happen all over again. I’ll have A TON of things to do and I’ll get super overwhelmed with getting it all done.

It’s this never-ending cycle.

So I’m writing this for you all, but also as a reminder for myself. I literally can’t do it all at once. Nobody can. So – here’s your tip for EVERY DAY. Do one thing at a time.

Yes, I know. It sounds so simple. Like, duh. That’s all we can do…one thing at a time. But I get ahead of myself and want to do it all, right now, right away. Go, go, go, go, go.

I’ll stress myself out about it, because I feel like I won’t get ANY of it done. Or I’ll fail at whatever it is I’m doing because I don’t have the time to get it done right. When, in reality, everything typically works out just fine, everything gets completed, and we all live to see another project or To Do list or whatever the case may be.

Nick and I talked about it this past weekend. We decided to adjust our schedules to have a morning and an evening routine, where we write down a To Do list of everything we have to do the next day, then wake up to start our day together by reading and planning our schedule for the day. We also reworked our budget (side note: I color-coded our budget…anyone else with me? :-P).

Now it’s time to follow through. I have to prioritize my list and know that not everything will get done in one day. I mean, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It takes time and patience and actually following through with it all. And I know I’m not the greatest at waiting – patience is certainly not my strong suit! But I’m working on it.

So here’s to another reset, another start, another clean slate. I have lots of ideas, lots of plans, but I know I have to prioritize and be patient in implementing them all. The key is to get them down on paper, plan for them, and then follow through.

So take a deep breath, write your list(s), and do things one at a time. And if you’re anything like me, seeing those check marks will make your day!

I hope you all have a beautiful week. And I hope this helped remind you that not everything will be done in one day. Prepare, plan, then execute or implement.

Let’s go!


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