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I learned this weekend that I wouldn’t be able to hide my husband’s body in a rug and drag it by myself. 

I’d definitely need help. 

In all seriousness, Nick and I cleared out our back patio this weekend and rolled up the rug that had been laid down. To say moving that was hard is an understatement. I’m pretty sure I just about threw my back out. 

Thank goodness he and I work well together and we do CrossFit. Because I’m not sure it would’ve come out the way it did, nor would it have gone into the dumpster the way it did. Tire flips, sled drags, and presses helped tremendously to get it out, up, and in. 

We’ve had a lot of clearing out of spaces to do in the past several months and this week culminated a big one. We rented a dumpster that has been sitting in our driveway since last Wednesday. 

We cleared out the shed, the backyard, and the enclosed back porch. All of these areas had become dumping grounds where things went to be lost, buried, or covered in dust. I’m thankful for a handy husband, a strong body, and an amazing friend who came to help us for a couple hours on Saturday. 

It’s hard work, but it is so satisfying to see our vision all come together. We know what we want, we’re working hard to make it happen, and yes, it’s back breaking at times (literally and figuratively), but it is so worth it. 

Achieving your goals is often hard work. But dig in, put in the work, and the results are so dang good. It’s peaceful looking outside and seeing all our hard work. And it’ll be peaceful being able to chill in our pool with a cleaned up backyard all summer. 

Progress is always good. And it’s definitely nice to have a check in the box on our to do list. You know I love my lists!!

I hope y’all had a great weekend, and have a beautiful week coming up. 


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