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How organized are you? How do you stay organized? Do you have a secret to organization you can share? 

I was sitting at my desk last week looking around at all my things and realized I am probably the most disorganized organized person ever. <Phew> 

I have a calendar that is set to weekly that I write all my appointments and to do lists in for each day – yes; I carry it with me and write everything in it. But I also have a Google calendar where I write things in and make sure I have all my appointments and obligations entered. You’re less likely to miss something if you have it in both places, right?! 

I also have a notebook that I carry with me for ideas and notes and business things. 

I do all of these things and I STILL feel disorganized. I still feel as if I’m missing something, somewhere. I still feel as if I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

Some days aren’t bad. It’s status quo and we just move through it seamlessly. Other days, it’s literally checking my calendar multiple times to make sure I’m where supposed to be at the right time, and same for Nick and the boys. 

But I can tell you this – when I only did a written calendar, Nick and I were constantly overbooking ourselves because neither of us knew what the other had planned until later. And when I only had the Google calendar, unless I had a reminder set, I missed things. 

Now that I use both, I very rarely (knock on wood) miss anything. The act of writing it down for me solidifies it in my brain. It helps me remember as I’m a visual and written learner. Just having it in a calendar, where I type it in, wasn’t enough for me. 

So now, every week, I look at my schedule and I write my to do lists and what needs to be done in my calendar for each day. Doing this helps me prioritize what needs to be done on each day so I don’t overbook myself or add too much to my plate for that day. And every night, I look at the next day to make sure I know where I need to be and when. And to make sure nothing has been added or changed. 

Nick and I share our Google calendar too, so it makes it easy when we aren’t together to make appointments and not overbook anything. 

Yes, I realize it probably sounds like a lot, but I would feel so out of sorts without all of it to keep me straight. 

So how do you stay organized? How do you keep yourself straight with all the daily activities, appointments, meetings, classes, play dates, etc? If you have any secrets, please share them! I’m sure we would all benefit from them! 

I hope y’all have a blessed week. And get, or stay, as organized as you can! And seriously, share any and all tips y’all have! 


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