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I’ll be honest, I used to be one of those people who was happy about a 3-day weekend over Memorial Day. I didn’t think about why we had this holiday or what it meant. I was just happy to have an extra day off work.

And before CrossFit, I’m not sure I knew who Lt. Michael Murphy was. Maybe I’d heard about him, maybe I had watched the movie…maybe. But I’m not positive. I truly have no idea if the first time I heard about him was 2014, when I started CrossFit.

And now? Well – every Memorial Day, on Saturday or on Monday, I remember and honor Murph doing his favorite workout – 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run. I think I’ve only missed one year over the past 10. And my Facebook memories over the past several days have reminded me of all these years.

It’s always a somber reminder of how short life is. Of WHY we have this extra day off work. And during the workout, whew – during the workout is tough. It’s tough to continue moving forward, to do one more rep, to take those steps during the last mile. But I keep Murph in the back of my mind…I keep all of the military members who have served and who we have lost in the back of my mind.

They gave their all so we can have our freedom. So we can wake up in a free land. So we can do one more rep, take one more step, do one more workout.

I can say it’s brought me to tears a number of times over the years. Yes, during the workout. Yes, coaching the workout. Yes, following the workout.

It is definitely an emotional day. An emotional workout. Many of the hero workouts are. They’re tougher, longer, harder. And they’re meant to be. They’re meant to push you. They’re meant to be mentally and physically tough. They’re meant to help you grow as an athlete, in every way.

So if you’re taking on Murph today, or you have this weekend, remember WHY you’re doing it (or have done it). Just one more rep. One more step. You CAN do this.

And remember, there are modifications to this (and every) workout.

We hope you remember and honor, not just Murph but all our military members who have served and who we have lost.

With love,


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