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So we recently started a new program, Resolute Breed, at 330p every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, here at CFC. And lots of people have asked – what is it?!

Coach Sam has provided a great explanation so keep reading to learn more. 

After 20+ years as a medic and the stigma of mental health in the service, providers were forced to “just deal with it” for many years, not knowing the damage we caused ourselves. It was “normal” to shove all of our emotions into a lock box and keep moving. This has been the case for not only the fire service, but all other branches of public safety and our military. This branches now to nurses and teachers. The problem remains that there are limited programs available to help individuals deal with the stressors of these positions that aid in building mental resilience, physical strength/power, and career longevity. 

Research has proven that just 3 workout sessions a week drastically improves mental resilience and overall health and wellness. As part of the solution, Resolute Breed was developed. The goal is to give individuals space to connect with their body and breath, understand their limits, break barriers, develop relationships, and enhance their overall mental and physical health. 

It is the bro sesh of all bro sesh! Design combines the strength and explosive component development of conjugate methods with the overall conditioning components of CrossFit. Monday’s target lower body development. There is a main lift followed by accessory work and a finisher that aids in joint health or core development. Wednesday’s are conditioning days where we target varying speeds, intensities, and time frames. Even strength athletes NEED conditioning. Friday’s target upper body development. There is a main lift followed by accessory work and a finisher that aids in joint health or core development. 

This structure allows us to have conversation while still developing results. What happened in your week you need to talk about? Is there something you are struggling with you need to discuss? Is someone else experiencing something similar to you? Vent your job stressors. Vent your family stressors. Vent your life stressors. If you don’t feel like talking to each other is enough, we have resources available for you to reach out to for additional support. 

Even though the focus development of this program was to help solve a need in public safety, we understand that everyone experiences trauma and stress. For that reason, it is open to anyone. 

Due to the small group environment, this program has a dual purpose and is also good for anyone getting comfortable with a barbell/overall movement technique and entering a group fitness environment. Programming has been well thought out and for those members seeking additional work, this is the perfect complement to regular CrossFit class. We also understand that with shift work, individuals may not be able to attend every class. For that reason, all programming is in Wodify and can be completed on shift. 

If you know if anyone who may benefit from this, please reach out and ask more questions or do a drop in! This class is open to all current members!

Thank you, Sam, for providing this! And we hope to see you in class soon! 

Have a great week! 


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