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There’s beauty in knowing that seasons change, and so do we. 

It can feel never-ending when you’re in a hard season. Like it’s not going to change or end and things will be hard forever. 

But the beauty of it is that seasons always change. There will be easy seasons, hard seasons, manageable seasons, the oh-my-heavens seasons. And it’s just a cycle of seasons, from one to the next. 

In one season, you can breathe easy. Everything seems to be going right. You feel as if all is right in the world. We’ve all been there, right? 

And then you wake up one morning and the sky has fallen in. Anything and everything that could happen has happened. You feel anxious and panicked and wondering if you’re going to survive from day to day, sometimes even from hour to hour. 

And then you do. You blink and you’re able to breathe again. Things finally feel peaceful again. You feel calm and collected and like you can handle anything that’s thrown at you. 

I bet as you’re reading this, you’re nodding and thinking about the cycles you’ve been through. It’s all cyclical, into and out of season to season. 

But the seasons are what shape us into who we are. Each season brings new possibilities and opportunities. And it’s up to us to keep our eyes open for these new possibilities. 

I know that can be hard though. Especially when you’re just trying to keep your head above water in the hard seasons. 

Just know that the hard times will pass. Learn and grow from them, enjoy the easy to manage seasons, and keep your eyes open to all the new possibilities each season brings. 

That’s the beauty of life, right? Literally nothing stays the same. When you’re going through the hard times, just hang on because you’ll be through it soon (even though it doesn’t feel like it). 

We’re in a busy, trying to keep our head above water season right now. So while this is a reminder for you, it’s also a reminder for me. Take deep breaths. Take one thing at a time. You – we – will get through it. 

Have a great week, and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. And remember, this too shall pass. 


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